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Jerry Beurkens

Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorney

When hiring an experienced defense lawyer for your case, you want to make sure that you are hiring one with the appropriate legal qualifications and compassion to help you through this difficult time. Attorney Jerry Beurkens has both of these qualities and has been helping clients in and around the Grand Rapids area for over 30 years.

Jerry M. Beurkens takes on cases for both criminal defense and personal injury. Feel free to check out the many legal services he offers to see if they apply to your situation.

In personal injury matters, he works with doctors, economists, and people who can reconstruct the accident. All of these expert sources help build a strong case so that the likelihood of winning drastically improves. Attorney Jerry Beurkens has the reputation of being aggressive, if need be, to make sure his clients are well taken care of. You can count on his legal expertise to help you and your family out during times of legal crisis or strain.

Emily Terhune

Office Manager

Being born and raised in Grand Rapids, I have been a part of the vibrant community here all of my life. I graduated from Baker College in 2019 with an A.S. in Criminal Justice Studies and after a short internship with the Public Defenders of Muskegon, I went back and completed my B.S. in Criminal Justice Studies in 2021. I also do Notary work after getting my certification in 2022.

After several years of corporate and big law firm settings I am now fortunate to be working closely with Jerry and his clients in a smaller setting. I look forward to meeting every client and working closely with them to navigate their case and get them the best results possible.

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